da’ spreadsheet fun

One of the joys of my job is working & building spreadsheet models.

I’m a dork… but I love how a blank spreadsheet is like a pile of Legos.

da' spreadsheet dude loves lego fun

You can build almost anything that your imagination can dream up!

I love to dream and then build that dream… What problem are you solving in business, education, marketing, consulting, or at school?

More than likely a spreadsheet can help you solve that problem!

I want to build …

  • an employee database
  • art
  • household budget
  • a 5-year financial forecast
  • a student grade book
  • a report card generator
  • an advertisement revenue analysis
  • a demographic analysis
  • a calculator
  • a word finder
  • an equation solver
  • a pricing engine
  • a P&L
  • a line item budget
  • an HRIS database (human resource information system)
  • total reward statements

Writing formulas in excel is art, play, imagination, and luck…

Yes, luck. When you begin to play with formulas you sometimes build something amazing. An index match within a nested ifvlookup.

Then there is excel spreadsheet functions versus google sheets. One of my favorites in google sheets is the SPLIT function. You have a FIRST LAST name and you want to split them in two, no problem! Excel can do it but not formulaic like google sheets.

Excel is one of the best basic development tools for beginners. Within spreadsheets are tables. Tables allow you to build complicated databases that are readable.

Have you ever seen one of those crazy formulas in excel that only the CREATOR could read?

Great… you are the CREATOR and everyone must bow down to your almighty spreadsheet that only you can modify because of those crazy nested formulas.

Ok… maybe I look at too many spreadsheets!

That crazy nested formula is great until you leave that duty, job, or organization. Then everyone is stuck Re-Building those crazy formulas.

When the rebuild of the CRAZY spreadsheet is complete the CREATOR has their fiefdom and all must bow to your knowledge.

^^ Good for job security but really bad if your formulas are given the wrong results!

To Spreadsheets and Beyond!




Social Media brings loneliness and jealousy

I used to spend 10 minutes before going to sleep and then waking up each morning scrolling Instagram and my Facebook feed “catching up” on your life. What I realized was that this “catching up” put me into a “fantasy state” that left me thinking about my temporary state of merely being a human. My fantasy state would lead me to end each day in a fantasy and I woke up in a state of fantasy.  Now I know that how you mentally end each day right before your state of sleep is how your mind wakes up. Have you gone to bed frustrated or angry to just wake up agitated and growly? What state you end in today is the state you begin tomorrow.


Measuring Your Life

I can’t measure my life against your life because I can’t measure what is not real in my life. When TV went from “shows” to “reality TV” it was a big deal. Remember how everyone was critical and couldn’t believe how you would just watch someone else live their life. What was the appeal of reality TV? It allowed you to live in the fantasy world of their life.


We now all live in a “reality TV fantasy world” by peeking through a little black box and into other’s lives. I have an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and a Twitter account. But there is a good and bad way to approach our new fantasy world. How you approach this new world will bring you either loneliness and jealousy or measured peace.


When you get on Instagram (my favorite social media) and you begin your fantasy experience of looking at everyone’s life you may subconsciously do a few things. You may compare your life against the fantasy that you are looking at. Remember, that most people are posting the best parts of their day. They are posting their personal wins!


When you compare your life to a fantasy you experience either a feeling of good or bad. You feel bad because jealousy creeps in and you think, “I wish I could do or have that.” Or you feel good because, “Wow my kids, house, car, boat, or vacation, is nicer than theirs!”


Oh, “I never do that I’m not a jealous person.” When you are on social media it triggers your mind into a fantasy state. Understand that you are now in a fantasy state or a world that is virtual and react accordingly. How should you approach this fantasy world we live in? Do NOT measure your life against a fantasy because you cannot measure what is not real.

Fantasies cannot be measured

You and I must accept that social media is a fantasy. You cannot measure a fantasy. You can only measure what you are personally tracking in your own reality on a daily basis.


Being on social media will not bring your soul purpose and peace. Enjoy other people’s success and victories. Cheer on your family and friends through their wins! But, remember that their wins are a fantasy and not a reality in your life.


When you look beyond your merely human state and reflect on your soul it reveals that you can have a life of purpose which gives you peace. Daily time of reflection allows you to adjust your focus from the fantasy world to your reality. In order for reflection to work, you must track and measure your progress on a daily basis.


Now, when I go to sleep I take time to reflect, track and measure personal wins. When I wake up I’m now in a state of reflection that allows me to set high goals I can achieve. This allows me to go into my day with the proper worldview as my mind is focused on what brings life and peace.


Debunking Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Debunking the American myth: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

I was recently listening to a podcast about these exact words, the “pursuit of happiness.” When something dawned on me! The Declaration of Independence has given you the freedom to pursue happiness not yet reached. Which means that they assumed you are still in the pursuit of happiness.

I know, you probably treat the Declaration of Independence like it is Gospel. But here is my question, in the picture below of the lion pursuing the zebra, does the lion have the zebra? In this picture the answer is “no” he is pursuing after the zebra. 

lion zebra

Pursuing happiness is when you do NOT have happiness. You are in a state of pursuit! I don’t have happiness, therefore, I’m pursuing after what will bring me happiness. You have the right to chase after the ideal called “the pursuit of happiness”. 

What is an ideal? “i·de·al – existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality.”

You are guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence the right to “pursue happiness”. And you will always pursue happiness and never be happy if you do NOT measure what brings you happiness. 

What brings you true joy and happiness? How are you measuring happiness?

The lion has every right to pursue the zebra but the lion does not eat reality until the zebra is caught.

How does the lion measure reality? He catches that ONE zebra. He has one goal, eat the zebra. The lion probably lays in the tall savannah grass fantasizing about catching and eating that delicious zebra but he either eats or he does not eat the zebra.

The same is true in your life and mine. We can only measure our real numeric goals! We can not measure the “pursuit of happiness”. 

Am I happy? Ok, what makes me happy? Can I now set those as numeric goals? If yes, then that is perfect because you can now measure those quantifiable goals.

What happens when we can measure what makes us happy? We expand our happiness to others because we have confidence that happiness can be achieved through realizing that our goals can be measured. 

“I will be happier by losing 20 lbs.” I’ve lost 10 lbs this month! Great, I’m achieving my quantifiable goal. Will losing 20 lbs make me happy? That is best answered by your worldview by writing out the “I will – My – Thine” journal. 

We can expand our happiness as we help others “achieve happiness” by setting clearly defined quantifiable goals that are measured and based on their worldview.

Yikes – maybe it should read, “life, liberty and the expansion of happiness.”