da’ spreadsheet fun

One of the joys of my job is working & building spreadsheet models.

I’m a dork… but I love how a blank spreadsheet is like a pile of Legos.

da' spreadsheet dude loves lego fun

You can build almost anything that your imagination can dream up!

I love to dream and then build that dream… What problem are you solving in business, education, marketing, consulting, or at school?

More than likely a spreadsheet can help you solve that problem!

I want to build …

  • an employee database
  • art
  • household budget
  • a 5-year financial forecast
  • a student grade book
  • a report card generator
  • an advertisement revenue analysis
  • a demographic analysis
  • a calculator
  • a word finder
  • an equation solver
  • a pricing engine
  • a P&L
  • a line item budget
  • an HRIS database (human resource information system)
  • total reward statements

Writing formulas in excel is art, play, imagination, and luck…

Yes, luck. When you begin to play with formulas you sometimes build something amazing. An index match within a nested ifvlookup.

Then there is excel spreadsheet functions versus google sheets. One of my favorites in google sheets is the SPLIT function. You have a FIRST LAST name and you want to split them in two, no problem! Excel can do it but not formulaic like google sheets.

Excel is one of the best basic development tools for beginners. Within spreadsheets are tables. Tables allow you to build complicated databases that are readable.

Have you ever seen one of those crazy formulas in excel that only the CREATOR could read?

Great… you are the CREATOR and everyone must bow down to your almighty spreadsheet that only you can modify because of those crazy nested formulas.

Ok… maybe I look at too many spreadsheets!

That crazy nested formula is great until you leave that duty, job, or organization. Then everyone is stuck Re-Building those crazy formulas.

When the rebuild of the CRAZY spreadsheet is complete the CREATOR has their fiefdom and all must bow to your knowledge.

^^ Good for job security but really bad if your formulas are given the wrong results!

To Spreadsheets and Beyond!